VSEEN Malaysia

What is Vfleet?

We integrate both Virtual Alarm System & Global Positioning System into one platform specifically for commercial and personal use. Such a system allows you to monitor vehicle usage and increase overall productivity.

How does vfleet benefit you?

Car safety at a glance

Easy to use and friendly interface to monitor your car.

Lost and found

In case of car theft, locate it and navigate using GPS.

Manage your fleet easily

Know your vehicle status and movement on one screen

Stay alert from the camera

Avoid overspeeding before reaching the speed detector

Features of vfleet

Virtual Alarm System (VAS)

An alarm system that virtually connects your car via smartphone. VAS provides 24 hours security alert for your vehicle whenever you are. With a click of a button, you will know your car’s status instantly.

  • Impact Alarm
  • Tow Car Alarm
  • Power Cut Alarm
  • Over Speed Alarm
  • Engine Acc On/OFF Alarm
  • Geofence Entry/Exit Alarm
  • Device Battery Low Voltage Alarm
  • Vehicle Battery Low Voltage Alarm

Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS Device that provides geolocation & time infromation. Now at ONLY RM1 a day without the overwhelming price tag, you can experience the great features provided.

  • Google Street View
  • Fuel Monitoring System
  • Keep Tracks Of All Vehicle
  • Instant and accurate alerts
  • Temperature Monitoring System
  • Full Time Travel Data And Reports
  • Supported For Multiple Managing
  • Prevent Fuel Wastage By Monitoring Vehicle Idling Time

How to use vfleet?

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