VSEEN Malaysia

Private Solutions​


Real Time Tracking

Vfleet provides your car location in real time. See accurate driving path and current speed of your car. Easily review all past trip details.

Vehicle Trip Playback

Vfleet tracks every trip of your vehicle stored in maximum data storage.

Instant Alarm Notifications

Vfleet Instant Alarm Notifications provide you to receive  immediate alarm under any circumstances such as vehicle movement.


During Emergency you will be forwarded to emergency contact or share your location with just one click.

Vfleet Mobile Apps


Live Tracking

Track your vehicle on the spot at any circumstances.

Share Location

Vehicle activities can be shared to any preferable social media anytime.

Alarm Notifications

Immediate alarms are sent to users based on past and current vehicle activities.


Simple analysis on previous vehicle activities.


Direct contact emergency hotline with just one ‘click’only.