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Commercial Solutions


Real Time Tracking Of All Vehicles

Users can track real time vehicle movement with real time activities on the map.

Vehicle Usage

Each trip, journey and performance of vehicle is recorded in every minute daily for analytical purpose in full report to increase productivity.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Each driver is under full analysis for their behaviour by monitoring their driving performance and other misuse of vehicles to reduce vehicle damages.

Virtual Alarm System (VAS)

Users can receive updated alerts to help keep speed with different vehicle activities under different circumstances.

Fuel Analysis

Detect precise usage of fuel. It can also identify the fuel leakage and theft. Each refill of fuel receipt or fuel card can be added to calculate total fuel expenses.

Service and Maintenance Analysis

It is designed to record Service and Maintenance expenses with analytical review for a better profitable future. There is an advance maintenance reminder too.

Documents and License Reminders

Users will receive reminders on renewal license, Insurance and Road Tax in advance via Mobile Apps and Email.

Vfleet Desktop Web


Vehicle Dashboard

Users can monitor accuracy of multiple vehicles are currently moving, stopping or idling in Live Tracking on Map with real time and updated location in just one single account.

Usage Dashboard

It shows each vehicle distance travelled, duration of stop, duration of idling and duration of moving in chart forms with details in terms of start journey to end journey as well as daily activity summaries.


Each activity of vehicle is accumulated and generate the essential details in report forms with maximum data storage.

Fleet Management System

Users can keep proper record on their expenses for analysis how much the vehicles utilize daily. It also includes reminders for most essential documents that users will not miss them out.

Fuel Management System

Fuel consumption and refuel are recorded in essential details with report for further analysis.