VSEEN Malaysia

How Vfleet Help You?​


Vfleet provides you the best global positioning system and virtual alarm system to ensure your family & vehicle safety.

How Does Vfleet Benefit You?


Track Your Vehicle

Real time tracking up to the minute speed and vehicle location updates via online platform and text alerts.

Value For Money

Portable vehicle tracking even if sim card runs out of credit or signal.

Protect Your Asset

Built in alert mode with motion sensor to alert you instantly about your vehicle where shouldn’t be moved.

Improve Productivity

Enhance fleet efficiency and reduce costs due to lack of accountability and unauthorized route movements.



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Our Solutions


Family Safety Solution​

Monitor your family safety issue in real time without daunting.

Employee Management Solution

Efficiently monitor your employee performance and productivity.

Rented Car Industry Management Solution​

Each multiple Fleet activity is tracked to avoid any vehicle risks incurred by rentee.

Hotel Industry Management Solution​

Multiple fleets and employees are inspected for their activities as well as safety for hotel guests.

Van & Tour Bus Industry Management Solution​

Proper planning route with GPS tracking to save time, costs and satisfy your passengers’ expectations.

School Bus Solution​

An efficient planning to ensure safety of children with the GPS tracking.

Vehicle Management Solution

It is end-to-end visibility in driver management, fleet efficiency, employee attendance and pickup & drop.

Fuel Management

Monitor your fuel usage and expenses.