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How Does Vfleet Benefit You?


Track Your Vehicle

Real time tracking up to the minute speed and vehicle location updates via online platform and text alerts.

Value For Money

Portable vehicle tracking even if sim card runs out of credit or signal.

Protect Your Asset

Built in alert mode with motion sensor to alert you instantly about your vehicle where shouldn’t be moved.

Improve Productivity

Enhance fleet efficiency and reduce costs due to lack of accountability and unauthorized route movements.

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About Vfleet Features

Vfleet features are designed to manage multiple fleets, monitor driver and vehicle performance at your finger tips with operation cost management.



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Safety is the primary concern for every family. Therefore, we offer 24/7 A.I monitoring system to private cars to ensure safety without feeling panic especially during emergency in any circumstances.

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Company Employees

Multiple workers are not easy to manage at one time in a big company. To make it easier, we provide detailed monitoring on their indoor/outdoor workforce to improve their working productivity and efficiency.

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Car Rental Service

Real-time insights are provided into rented cars to ensure live updates to the car owner and eliminating risks of car stolen with real-time visibility.

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Clients’ reservation and accommodation are organized to ensure that the hotel staff and guests are productive and efficient especially during peak seasons. In addition, it can help the hotel limo and shuttle bus to minimize the traffic in order to fetch or drop hotel guests on time.

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Public Transportation

Real-time management is provided to reduce redundant hurdles and manage trips, passengers and drivers with detailed analysis for vans and public and tour buses. It can also detect any unfortunate delays to ensure the vans and tour buses reach to the destination in time.

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School Bus

Students safety and punctuality are our main priority while they are travelling from school to home. With essential alert notifications related to the activities such as route management, scheduling and pick up and drop location, the students arrive at schools on time too.

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Delivery Service

Parcels and package are expected to arrive at clients’ doorstep on time. With GPS tracking, goods can be known exactly by its journey from the sorting office to clients’ doorsteps.

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Logistic Company

Larger fleet needs to monitor drivers and vehicles performance all the time when they carry perishable goods for business which cause lots of issues. GPS can monitor their vehicle speeds, routes, and journey plan to avoid traffic for punctuality improvement and prompt arrival of goods.

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Takeaway Service

Accuracy is important for takeaway service. Food will delay which will ruin customer expectation. With GPS tracking service, routes can be prepared to avoid delay and cost to improve accuracy and productivity. The owner can also know if drivers are lack of performance to provide them additional training.

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GPS can recover on any lost items involved by disloyal workers at construction site. With GPS tracking, it can ensure the location, status of every vehicle and completion on project.